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NC State vs Syracuse Live: NC State vs Syracuse Live Stream Syracuse football is coming out hot in a huge matchup against North Carolina State on national television Thursday night.The orange helmets have been the most popular by far getting their four chances to be displayed and the third time they have been featured with the orange pants.Syracuse turned the game against Holy Cross into a track meet and took the gold after outgaining them 429 yards to 115. The Orange put a hurting on Holy Cross to the tune of 41-3.

Event Name College Football – NCAAF Division
Game Date October 10, 2019
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The Syracuse Orange are 3-2 coming off the first bye week, and now the real test begins. They’re playing ACC foes the rest of the way, starting with a road matchup against the N.C. State Wolfpack. Last time around, SU beat the Pack, 51-41 to clinch bowl eligibility. A win this time wouldn’t get us to the postseason, but it would certainly help on the way to doing so.

Since we’re (thankfully) not NC State fans, we went ahead and asked one about what to expect in this game. Backing the Pack’s Steven Muma (who you should follow on Twitter) joins us to chat all about the Wolfpack. And also check out our answers over there.Against Florida State it felt like every aspect of the offense broke at the same time, and while it’s not quite THAT bad, that entire unit is a bit of a mess right now. Changing quarterbacks in the middle of a season generally does not inspire a lot of confidence!

Everything depends on whether or not NC State can get more competent quarterback play from here on. About all we know is that it isn’t going to be coming from Matt McKay. This week it’s Bailey Hockman, but if he flames out, then we’re right back where we started. But most likely the offense will be some level of a struggle the rest of the season.This very well may be the most pervasive case of ho-hummery the league has ever endured. I mean, even the year when Wake Forest snuck up and won the league (2006), two-thirds of the ACC cracked the top 25 at one point or another during the season. This year it feels like two-thirds of the ACC only deserves a bowl game in Shreveport.

I can live with this as long as the conference isn’t going to make a habit out of it. There’s some novelty to the chaotic stupidity of the Coastal Division bleeding into the Atlantic.The guy who began 2019 as the starting quarterback is now the third-string quarterback, so uh, y’know, life could be better. We’ve been spoiled with good quarterback play for years and years, which has made this year extra jarring. Some fans are not coping well at all, and I worry about them. There’s definitely a subset of fans who are on the knife’s edge with regards to their sanity, sitting in a dark basement corner, rocking back and forth as they stare blankly at a wall.Meanwhile, NC State and Florida State couldn’t quite live up to the 62.5-point over/under that the experts had forecasted. NC State lost to Florida State by a decisive 31-13 margin. The Wolfpack were given a dose of their own medicine in this game as Florida State apparently hadn’t forgotten their defeat the last time these teams played, back in November of last year.

Syracuse’s victory lifted them to 3-2 while NC State’s loss dropped them down to 3-2. Two defensive numbers to keep in mind before kickoff: The Wolfpack come into the matchup boasting the sixth fewest rushing yards allowed per game in the league at 71.80. As for the Orange, they rank 16th in the league when it comes to sacks, with 17 on the season. We’ll find out if either of these strengths ends up making the difference in the game.The orange helmets have been the most popular by far getting their four chances to be displayed and the third time they have been featured with the orange pants. We have not seen the orange jersey with anything but white so far but this is only the second time Cuse has chosen them but they seemed to pass the test well against Western Michigan in Week 4.On television, the orange, especially near red uniforms or patterns on a field, look as they might have a reddish tint to them. This is the hurdle whenever Syracuse attempts to represent the color scheme they are named from. NC State will be a big test for the team and the uniforms come Thursday.

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